Why Power Speakers?

What a beautiful combination creative drama and public speaking is! They support each other in a way that the child uses the skills learned from one to help him in the other. Creative drama focuses on enhancing free and creative expression and public speaking encourages control over voice, speech, expression and stance. In spite of the seeming paradox, both creative drama and public speaking go hand in hand to develop confidence, creative expression and imagination in a child.

The rules for creative drama are subtle and defined at the same time, not overpowering the inner ability of the child to respond to the nuances of the teacher’s narration. The teacher creates an environment which benefits all children: the social child blossoms spontaneously while the shy child confirms to the group slowly budding under the teacher’s keen eye, knowing there is no right or wrong here.

A new window opens for a child when he is a part of creative drama sessions. The purpose behind creative drama is to let a child’s interpretations and actions become individualistic as the teacher steers the group through a narrative pantomime. An experienced teacher plays the role of a facilitator in the whole session. The child explores the environment of “self” through creative drama. What better way to lead the child to public speaking than a child who is already opening up to the world of “self” through creative drama.

Public speaking has so many facets to it that can help the child positively academically as well as socially. Let’s talk about that more in the another post. I am enjoying the role I am playing in the sessions, definitely not as a teacher but as leader and a participant who rolls, laughs, steers, guides, and observes subtle, positive changes that each child makes as he moves on.

Here’s to creatively juicy minds….we are soaking it all together.


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