Voice modulation is an integral part of a presentation

Voice modulation is an integral part of a presentation. It breathes life into words and sets the mood for the narration or speech, whatever it may be. A story character can own an individualistic personality with voice modulation. A character can be shown as strong, with a powerful voice or weak with a meek, quivering voice or the same character can be shown in different moods in different situations. In the same way a presenter needs to use a confident tone of voice.
A presenter’s tone of voice tells his audience whether he is passionate and sincere about his topic. The audience may say a speaker is boring even though the content in very stimulating. It’s the monotone voice that makes them think the presentation is dull.

At Power Speakers NJ we help our speakers in training to use the appropriate tone of voice for their content and have the appropriate tone for the message they want to communicate.

In our current module at Desires to Design, we are engaging students in the art of poem recitation. The KinderPrimes have chosen a poem on a T-Rex and are learning voice modulation. It is a happy challenge to teach them to use different tones and pitches of voice in the same poem and pace their lines for more effective presentation.

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