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Workshops and Presentations:

March 26, 2016: West Windsor Library

April 17, 2016: Plainsboro Library

April 23, 2016: West Windsor Library


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Why Power Speakers?

What a beautiful combination creative drama and public speaking is! They support each other in a way that the child uses the skills learned from one to help him in the other. Creative drama focuses on enhancing free and creative expression and public speaking encourages control over voice, speech, expression and stance. In spite of …


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Voice modulation is an integral part of a presentation

Voice modulation is an integral part of a presentation. It breathes life into words and sets the mood for the narration or speech, whatever it may be. A story character can own an individualistic personality with voice modulation. A character can be shown as strong, with a powerful voice or weak with a meek, quivering …


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A big hug to my stars

My team gave a stellar performance just a few days back. They were all comperes for an event where they weaved a story about a missing statue and in between telling that story they presented cultural programs of the evening. There were a wide range of characters in the skit that they presented, from con …


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Voice Projection

Our focus at Power Speakers NJ is to make students value the importance of speaking right. We train them to use the right voice to convey the right meaning to their audience. A simple example of this is: We select a phrase like, “I did not say he threw the bag!” Next, we get each …


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I have a big grin on my face

There are a few interesting games that I play with my students which are a great exercise to teach them to feel what they say so that the audience too feels what they say. We together select an emotion to express and then a suitable topic to go with it. I give them some time …


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The Rhetorical triangle

Power Speakers NJ has had a very successful time introducing the “Rhetorical Triangle” to the Primekids batch of students. Aristotle introduced the Rhetorical Triangle in his work “Rhetoric.” According to Aristotle, a writer must use the three elements of ethos, pathos and logos for an effective argument. Ethos – refers to the writer’s “ethics,” which …


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